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For writers who can't travel, for whatever reason (and most recently due to the pandemic), our virtual writing retreats prove to be popular. On one of our virtual writing retreats, you get the feel of being in this lush Andalusian valley and thus you get the benefit of putting aside your daily routine and spend time writing and creating characters or plots on our virtual writing retreats. Sign up to find out when we're taking bookings for our next virtual writing retreat.

Book Adaptation Virtual Writing Retreat

Spend a week with Secret World Retreat Virtual Retreats to learn how to adapt your book into a screenplay for presenting it into a screenplay contest or Screenplay Award such as Page Turner Awards offers authors. Over 5 sessions, one per day for one week, you will learn at least how to adapt a book from a novel format into a screenplay script format.

Five Days To Create A Compelling Character Virtual Writing Retreat
This is an intensive course over 5 days when each day the virtual writing retreat explores the different essential elements of creating fictional characters. You leave the virtual session to go and do your assignment which is related to the day's learning. You return the following day to share your vision for your character and continue with the next element of creating your character.
Ten Techniques To Turning Pages - Virtual Writing Retreat
This Ten Techniques To Turning Pages Virtual Writing Retreat will explore the ten writing techniques that every writer needs to add to their first ten pages to keep readers, judges in a contest, such as Page Turner Awards, publishers and literary agents reading, so they want to know more about the character and how the story will unfold.