For Authors Who Need To Learn How To Adapt A Novel To Film Script

Book Adaptation Boot Camp

If you are preparing to enter the 2022 Screenplay Award or for any other screenwriting contest or screenplay award with a book adaptation, you need to ensure you have several crucial elements in place so the reader-judges will be hooked on your submission and award you top marks. And possibly even option your book adaptation to produce your story as a film.

Ten Page Turning Techniques Boot Camp

Ten Page Turning Techniques Boot Camp

This is an intensive ONLINE course set out over 5 days when each day the virtual writing retreat explores two page turning techniques each day.

You do the Ten Page Turning Techniques in your own time and your own place - simply by logging in when you can and diving into the different sections of learning as and when you need.

I found the bonus materials very useful and helpful for extra learning. - Susan Shetler