Find Your Ideal Photographic Shoot Setting

If you're looking for a special place to create an advertising campaign or have a photographic shoot with a scenic backdrop of rustic mountains and lush valleys in a hidden corner of the world, browse through our images of Vista Prado. This is really a secret hideaway for any reason you require a setting location in Spain!

Click on the dots or arrows on the slideshow above to see what Vista Prado has to offer photographic shoots.

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Welcome to secret world retreats. There are all kinds of retreats in the world today. From bizarre and zany to silence or dark retreats to bubbly and chatter retreats with lots of animated conversation. If you're searching for a retreat, it could mean need solitude on your own or with a partner.

Whether it be a writing retreat, business entrepreneurs get away retreat, yoga retreat or holistic health retreat or maybe an unusual retreat such as a learn to swim retreat, we hope you'll enjoy browsing through some of our Secret World Retreats.

Clearly, we all have our own preference for the kind of retreat where we'd like to laze. Another common factor about retreats - they are also often conducted at rural or remote locations, just like the one Ken and I are looking for on our quest on Escape To The Continent. Most retreats offer privately and seclusion, which is what we're after in our quest to set up our own Spanish mountain retreat, and many go to the extreme such as a monastery retreat. Thousands of retreats the world over give their guests the change to retreat to a beautiful location of peace and tranquility for various reasons.

Some retreats for advanced healing or simply to revive worn batteries or to get fit at a yoga retreat. Mostly, a retreat is a place to take a recreational holiday to relax and restore the mind and body, whether this be holistic, meditation, spiritual or simply just to have time out in a scenic location and totally relax with a loved one. This is our quest - to help you find the right retreat for you! Check out all of our retreat topics to find your ideal retreat.