Learn how to adapt your book into a screenplay with our Book Adaptation To Screenplay Boot Camp.

If you are preparing to enter the Page Turner Screenplay Award or for any other screenwriting contest or screenplay award with a book adaptation, you need to ensure you have several crucial elements in place so the reader-judges will be hooked on your submission and award you top marks. And possibly even option your book adaptation to produce your story as a film.


"A fantastically informative session. Feeling a mix of awe, trepidation and excitement. Thank you for another inspirational and thought-provoking session." Judy Bruno

"Am so enjoying the Bootcamp sessions with all the practical info, and also the energy and drive that you radiate." Cathy Hutson

"It’s been a fabulous course, and I’m full of enthusiasm to adapt at least one of my novels to a film, and another to a TV series. Thank you so much." Louise Mangos

"Thank you once again for such an informative and jam-packed week. Your enthusiasm was infectious, and I can't wait to get started on my project. I really loved the boot camp, and it's certainly given me loads of things to think about. I'm filled with equal measures of excitement and trepidation (can I really do this?). Using the tools and knowledge from your classes will inspire me to keep going." Angela Lambourne

"Thanks for a great week, Paula! I enjoyed the sessions immensely, and I am looking forward to putting all the information you gave us into action. The course was very motivational and inspirational." Becky Bronson

"This boot camp was exactly what I needed when I needed it! Though I've been a published writer for 52 years, I've never taken a screenplay class of any kind. Paula's offering was just the perfect amount of information I needed to feel empowered to adapt my 2nd young adult novel to screenplay. The best part? I got to do the whole thing in my home office in one week, have downloaded 'Final Draft,' and am on my way. Thank you, Paula! I really loved the class and look forward to the mentoring class moving forward!" Jamie Weil

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