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Booking Details

Before you make a booking we need to give you a warning. After visiting Secret World Retreat, your compass will be recalibrated for life! No noise, no crowds, no squeezing into crowded spaces. You will be spoilt for life!

Despite that warning, here are some further details about booking a writing retreat.

When booking an individual writing retreat, we offer a double room accommodation with an en-suite. We are currently renovating the accommodation during the pandemic as we are not taking any bookings in 2021. We will post images in our gallery when the renovation is complete.

Travel Costs
Any costs on Secret World Retreat does not include your travel costs to and from our writing retreat. These costs will be paid for you by you.

Price is on an application basis. We do not publish prices simply because every writing retreat is different. Some writers may want to come on their own and spend some time sightseeing around the area. Others may want to combine a Learn To Swim retreat with a writing retreat. Group writing retreat prices depend on the time of year, so we advertise those prices when we set the date and show all the details for the group writing retreat. Please note we are not offering any group writing retreats during the pandemic. If you'd like to be notified of our next group writing retreat, please subscribe.

Pet Sitting Retreats
We announce the Pet Sitter Retreats to our mailing list subscribers before we advertise and share them socially. If you are subscribed you will receive a notice to apply. The application is a rigorous one, and we only take pet sitters with experience in pet sitting and house sitting, plus we interview them, and then we exchange contracts which are based on the contracts that most top pet sitting and house sitting companies have for their clients.

Gardening Holiday Retreat
As with the Pet Sitter Retreat, we first offer a gardening retreat to our mailing list subscribers. If you are subscribed you will receive a notice to apply. The application is a rigorous one, and we only take experienced gardeners and landscapers, which can be a combo of a qualification and actual ground work experience. A writer yearning to do a writing retreat can't get a freebie by offering to do gardening in return for their board and lodging and they only know how to pull out weeds! We take gardeners who have a lot to offer our wonderful garden.

Terms & Conditions
Please read our Terms & Conditions before making a booking.