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The Benefits Of A Writing Retreat

There are numerous benefits for writers on a writing retreat. Let's explore what could be in store for you if you join a writing retreat, whether that be one close to your home or a writing retreat as far away as Europe, the United Kingdom or the United States.

1. Leave Our Lives Behind

Writers who take the leap of faith to join a writing retreat, either a group writing retreat or an individual solo writing retreat, take great satisfaction in walking away from daily life and daily challenges. This satisfaction could also be tinged with fear of leaving behind kids, parents or pets who need their care, but once they do, and they join the writing retreat, they are liberated!

2. Leave Distractions Behind

Along with leaving behind their lives, writers who go along to a writing retreat also leave behind all the distractions that prevent them from finishing their latest writing project. They are freed from the daily chores of feeding kids and pets, running errands, and not to mention all the household activities that hold writers back, both emotionally and physically.

On their chosen writing retreat they are free to connect to their deep inner self and find their passion again. They can focus on their writing project and rejoin their characters on the story's journey. By doing this, in the peace and tranquillity of a writing retreat, they rebalance their writing life and dive deep into that place where our stories come from. That deep corner of our souls.

3. Leave Anchors Behind

Often the anchors that weigh down a writer are the very things they love the most in the world. Their family and friends. By leaving them and joining a writing retreat, they are releasing the anchors that could be preventing them from writing. It's amazing to see how this opens doors in a writer's mind and heart and they are suddenly invigorated with creativity and awakened to new story ideas. The transformation in a writer's face is highly rewarding!

4. Leave Behind Excuses

Some writers simply need to get to a writing retreat to leave behind excuses and procrastination. There's always an excuse why we can't write that day. Daily life always gets in the way. But when you're on a writing retreat there are no excuses and you force yourself to get down to the task at hand: writing!

5. Experience New Cultures

Travelling to another country for a writing retreat often opens a writer's eyes to new cultures, new settings and even new characters and possibly even creates ideas for new character quirks.

Take note of the people in the country you're visiting. Focus on the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of the culture.

Visiting a writing retreat in a country far from your own is a rich and rewarding experience. You will come back with a rich sensory experience that will enrich your writing.

6. Writing Time Or Vacation Time

Most writers can't afford to take a holiday and join a writing retreat in the same year, thus the writing retreat acts as their holiday. That vacation time is important to get some R and R. On a writing retreat holiday you have a purpose as well as time for resting and relaxing. It will be more meaningful and leave you deeply fulfilled.

7. Too Many Benefits To Mention

A writing retreat has so many benefits, often too numerous to mention because all writers are affected in different ways after their writing retreat journey ends. The community they experience, the sharing and brainstorming of ideas, the writing discussions and time reflecting is only one part of the benefits gained. A huge part is the writing itself and the editing that goes into the focused time on a writing retreat.

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