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How A Writing Retreat Helps Your Writing

How A Writing Retreat Helps Your Writing

Writing retreats are a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but they do a lot more than that. Much like any other retreat, the organisers are there to help you with your writing projects.

Better Focus

No matter how good our workspaces are, there is only so much we can get done when it comes to writing at home or in the office. Going to writing retreats gives us  writers time away from home to focus on our writing and be more productive. You also have better focus because you know that you are in a safe and productive environment. At home or in an office you may never know who is going to be looking over your shoulder and disturbing your writing flow.

No More Excuses

Alongside the better focus you also lose all of your excuses that you might have used. That means that you can focus on what you are there for, writing.

Clear Your Mind

At the writing retreat you are away from your home and daily life without those excuses you are free from obligations. You get the chance to clear your mind. By clearing your mind you are making it easier to write, but you are also helping yourself to relax and detoxing from life.

New, Dedicated Insight

One of the big benefits of writing contests, such as Page Turner Awards, is the critiques that you get. Some of us are part of writing circles, but you are usually getting critiques from the same people. People you know, are comfortable with, and who know your writing style. With the writing retreat you are getting new input from people who have never seen your writing before. This can be quite a benefit.

Learn and Develop New Writing Habits

Spending a large amount of time writing you can experiment with what works for you and what doesn’t. Through that you start to implement writing practices that work and removing ones that don’t. That results in new writing habits. Even seasoned writers learn new things about the craft when they go to retreats.

Create an Intimate Writing Experience

When you go to a writing retreat, whether it be an individual retreat all on your own or if you're on a group writing retreat you are with a limited number of people, and you get to know those people pretty quickly. This leads you to creating a unique atmosphere. One where you feel comfortable and close to those you are around. An intimate writing experience can help to boost the overall benefits from the retreat.


During the time you are at the writing retreat you will be able to reflect on your writing. A lot of your time is spent thinking about your writing. This reflection can help you to come to new realizations about your writing.

These are just some of the benefits that you get from going to a writing retreat. Every person experiences a writing retreat differently and gets their own benefits from it. On top of that, every writing retreat is different and thus might give you different benefits and helps your writing in different ways.

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