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Book Adaptation Virtual Writing Retreat

Book Adaptation Virtual Writing Retreat

Spend a week with Secret World Retreat Virtual Retreats to learn how to adapt your book into a screenplay for presenting it into a screenplay contest or Screenplay Award such as Page Turner Awards offers authors. Over 5 sessions, one per day for one week, you will learn at least how to adapt a book from a novel format into a screenplay script format.

Each day you will learn about book adaptation techniques, and you can spend some time after the virtual writing retreat to add the lesson's technique to your writing. The following day you can read your techniques to the virtual writing group to get their feedback.

Each writer on this Ten Page Turning Techniques Virtual Retreat will get the chance to read out their page turning technique if they so wish. There is no pressure to do this. It's entirely your choice. We recommend that you give it a go, to help gain as much as possible from the benefits of a group writing retreat.

Why Adapt Your Book To A Screenplay?

Why should authors adapt their book or novel to a screenplay? Quite simply, because there's a huge boom in the industry for novels being adapted to film and book series being adapted to TV series! So authors have a fantastic opportunity to get their work optioned by film producers and even Netflix who are looking for stories to produce as films and TV series.

Here's what you need to know about Hollywood's new book boom ~ how changes in TV, film and book publishing, including the pandemic, have driven a boom in book adaptations.

Guest Speakers

  • Michail Huber, from Arc Studio, who will show you how to format a script using Arc Studio free screenwriting software
  • Jennifer Storm, script consultant, who will share top tips for adapting a book to a screenplay

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