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Adults learn to swim holiday in Spain

Residential Swimming Lessons In Andalusia

What would a holiday be without a refreshing dip in the water with your grandchildren? But what if you're frightened of the water or can't swim? Worse still, you've tried several times to learn to swim, but you hated having all the surrounding swimmers, splashing and shouting and making you even more nervous than you already are?

Swimming instructor, Paula Sheridan, understands your problem. She has taught thousands of people to swim and in particular people who needed water confidence. From babies, to adults and even older children who are only beginning to learn to swim late in life. For many years as the Swimming Manager of Tadley and Basingstoke Pools in Hampshire, England, Paula specialized in teaching groups of people who are late in learning to swim or who are nervous in the water.

If you need to gain water confidence and only want to just paddle about in the shallow end, Paula can help to restore your confidence so that you can enjoy summer holidays with your family and grandchildren.

Alternatively, if you have an older child, or teenager, who for some reason has been too afraid to go swimming or is too shy because of their fear of water, Paula will

It's never too late to learn to swim!

That doesn't mean you have to go powering up and down the lanes with everyone else whose head is only just bobbing up and down as they do lengths. You can still enjoy the water at your own pace. You can sit on the steps with your family to enjoy the late summer evenings or lounge in the shallows.

No matter what you want to do in the swimming pool, gaining water confidence or learning to swim, even in the most basic form like floating or doggie paddle will give you all the benefits of being in the water. A learn to swim holiday program abroad while you're on holiday in Andalusia, Spain is your ideal choice for taking a swimming holiday and learning to gain water confidence while you learn the basics of swimming.