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Private Swimming Lessons On Holiday In Spain

Private Swimming Lessons On Holiday In Spain

ASA trained swimming instructor, Paula Sheridan, who also runs Secret World Retreat Writing Retreats, specialized for many years teaching water confidence and older beginner swimmers and adults unable to swim in several swimming programs in Hampshire in England.

Important things to note about our learn to swim in Spain program:

  • Paula is always in the water with you!
  • Paula is at your side at every moment and through every movement in the water
  • The swimming lessons are private
  • On some occasions couples may learn together
  • You learn to swim or gain water confidence at your own pace
  • You will begin to see how the water works with your body, not against it
  • Paula has thirty years of teaching water confidence and teaching swimming

Don't forget that water has so many healing properties.

Swimming is the ultimate exercise!

  • Great for joint mobility
  • It strengthens muscles
  • It's a good all round way to heal various physical problems
  • It's a whole body exercise in one
  • It has powerful psychological benefits

No matter what age you are,  it's never too late to learn to swim or to gain water confidence!