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Private Holiday Swimming Lessons For Water Phobics

Private Holiday Swimming Lessons For Water Phobics

When you're taking your next holiday in Spain, in the beautiful province of Andalusia, maybe you'd like to finally take that dive to get over your phobia of being in the water.  Being water phobic can be for various reasons. None of them need to hinder you from being able to enjoy the benefits of being in the water.

Water phobic involves lots of emotions.

  • Fearful in the Water?
  • Too old for swimming lessons?
  • Feel stupid learning to swim in a public pool?
  • Think learning to swim is too much hard work?
  • Can’t breathe properly when swimming?
  • Too scared to put your face in the water
  • Too scared to let the water get higher than your waist
  • Too scared to go under?
  • Afraid of getting water up your nose?
  • Afraid you can't breathe when you're underwater?

But all of those feelings stop you from learning to swim or even at the very least learning to gain or restore water confidence.