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One-To-One Learn To Swim European Holiday

One-To-One Learn To Swim European Holiday

Learn to swim while you're on holiday in a beautiful Andalusian valley. Your learn to swim holiday is completely private with peace and tranquillity surrounding you at every step of your learn to swim journey.

Our learn to swim retreat can be taken as:

  • While you are holiday in Malaga Province and you are holidaying close to Secret World Retreat
  • A private swimming holiday, and you stay at Secret World Retreat

Anyone who can't swim or is afraid of water has a perfectly understandable reason. There is no shame or embarrassment in not learning to swim earlier in life. It's never to late to learn to swim! Or even to gain water confidence, so you can just wallow in the shallows, if that's all you want to do.

Our private holiday learn to swim program or residential learn to swim program is ideal for anyone who:

  • Is water phobic
  • Frightened, unable to swim or uncomfortable in the deep end or even when the water gets up to their chest
  • Dreads the thought of learning to swim in a group of people
  • Had swimming lessons before but gained very little water confidence in a public swimming pool

ASA trained swimming instructor, Paula Sheridan, who also runs Secret World Retreat Writing Retreats, specialized for many years teaching water confidence and older beginner swimmers and adults unable to swim in several swimming programs in Hampshire in England.

Paula teaches one-to-one private swimming lessons in the privacy of her home. She teaches anyone who needs to gain water confidence and then learn to swim. Paula specializes in teaching people with no confidence, babies one-to-one where parents don't want to have their baby in a public pool with hundreds of other people, older beginners who could be up to the age of a teenager, and adults who have, for whatever reason, never learnt to swim.


Swimming is the closest we come to flying - Leonardo da Vinci