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Learn To Swim Water Confidence Holiday Program In Spain

Learn To Swim Water Confidence Holiday In Spain

Have you considered getting over your fear of water and take control of your desire to enjoy paddling with your family on holidays in Spain? Taking a Learn To Swim Water Confidence Holiday could be your answer.

Gaining water confidence is the first step to learning to swim. A Learn to Swim Holiday starts with gaining confidence being in the water.

It doesn't matter if you spend the first lesson clinging to the side of the pool or if you don't want to move off the top step. If you're feeling dizzy or stressed when you look out over the expanse of the water, you can just sit on the wide pool steps and slowly let the water lap at your legs and feet until you feel confident enough to go in a little at a time.

Water confidence is all about:

  • Walking up and down the pool steps
  • Walking slowly across the shallow end and moving about freely without the desperate need to cling to the side
  • Breathing calmly and deeply while you're doing this

From there, you can slowly start to gain water confidence:

  • Bring the water up to your face by cupping your hands and feeling the water on your face
  • As your confidence grows, you can start bobbing up and down until you're able to bend your knees and allow the water to come to your chest.
  • Then, you can learn that splashing water onto yourself brings you no fear.
  • You can take the big step and start to learn to place your face into the face
  • You can even learn to blow bubbles in the water.

By then, you'll be delighted with your progress and so you should!

A Learn to Swim Retreat at Secret World Retreat allows non-swimmers to enjoy a fabulous Spanish holiday in Andalusia while achieving something special: learning to swim and gaining water confidence.