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Learn To Swim On Holiday In Spain

Learn To Swim On Holiday In Spain

Learning to swim when you're an older beginner is a daunting thought. It starts with water confidence and moves on to simple movements in the water like, blowing bubbles and floating and bobbing up and down.

No matter what you want to do in the swimming pool, gaining water confidence or learning to swim, even in the most basic form like floating or doggie paddle will give you all the benefits of being in the water. A learn to swim holiday program abroad while you're on holiday in Andalusia, Spain is your ideal choice for taking a swimming holiday and learning to gain water confidence while you learn the basics of swimming.

At Secret World Retreat, Paula teaches you in the privacy of our home pool, so you will not have any swimmers distracting you or making you nervous. No kids jumping in and splashing around you. You get the benefit of being solo with private swimming lessons in individual training where you will start to overcome your fears. Couples private swimming lessons and water confidence training is also ideal for grandparents who haven't learnt to swim but would love to share summer holiday fun with their families.

Secret World Retreat provides residential Learn to Swim courses for adults who need to learn to swim. Also, we provide swimming lessons for the phobic and anyone struggling to learn to swim due to fear of the water.

Paula specializes in one-to-one swimming lessons. The most important thing you will need to know: Paula is in the water with you at all times. It will only be you and her, nobody else. This is privacy in its utmost form. And, this is the best way to restore water confidence and learn the basics of holiday swimming.