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Why Writers Choose A Group Writing Retreat

Why Writers Choose A Group Writing Retreat

Why Writers Choose A Group Writing Retreat vary. Most writers feel they get the benefit of collaborative writing when they join a group writing retreat and get cracking with a certain aspect of their writing. Some group writing retreats are themed, such as our group writing retreat - 5 Days To Create A Compelling Character.

Whether the group writing retreat is themed or not, writers choose to join a writing retreat group for several reasons.

1. Discipline

Many writers need to go on a group writing retreat purely to get some discipline into their writing life. They quickly learn that to complete a novel or any piece of fiction, a strong inner discipline is needed.

By setting aside time to write, you are discipling yourself and in fact doing the same for your family and friends. The only way to get a novel finished is to write. And, in order to write in a creative and calm atmosphere, you need to ask your family and friends to respect that writing time. Shutting yourself away in your writing cave or closet is not the only part of writing discipline. It also means not being distracted with things happening around you or allowing yourself to answer the phone when it rings, or even bringing it into your writing space in the first place!

On the group writing retreat, all the writers get time to go off alone and do some writing. The discipline of doing this and not disturbing other writers when they're in their own writing space is vital to taking home that same strategy.

Along with learning discipline and taking home new strategies for keeping on track with your writing projects, you will revive your passion for the characters and plot in your story.

2. Inspiration

Many writers find that the time spent on a group writing retreat, with a group of writers all intent on improving their writing and story, is a deeply personal experience. Sharing stories they've written amongst the group inspires them as they listen to what others have written. And more than likely, writers are inspired by listening to other writers, and before they know it, their brains are buzzing with new ideas of their own.

When you write intimately with other writers, you are deeply inspired by their stories.

Learning from writers is also inspirational on a group writing retreat. If one writer in the group is gifted at writing dialogue, they're able to inspire others with their writing and thus help those writers to improve their story's dialogue in a unique way.

The same goes for a writer who is excellent at creating a vivid scene setting or a memorable fictional character. All the writers in the group learn from this, thus learning from each other.

3. Enrichment

The new discipline and writing habits that a writer forms when on a group writing retreat will enrich their writing life way into the future. Equally, the writer friends they make often lead to life-long writing relationships.

When you're next on a group writing retreat, take note of deeper things. As you would watch people to help you create fictional characters, watch the writers who have joined you in the group, whether that be a virtual or location retreat. Take note of their reactions on the first day and throughout the week and hone in on their expressions on the last day, before the group disbands and everyone goes their separate ways to continue their writing journey.

How do they change?

Often writers, especially ones with certain challenges or new at the writing game, reveal an inkling of fear, or seem to be wearing a protective coat of armour. That could easily be explained that they are weary of having to share their writing with the group. There's no pressure to do it, but writers often want to be forced out of that self-protection and fear, and to break out into being bold and confident of their writing.

By the end of the retreat, they are often so changed. They leave sharing the love and joy for the new-found deep connections they have made amongst other writers.

Only a group writing retreat can give that to a writer. Nothing else can!