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For writers who love to collaborate and join in writing discussions, a group writing retreat is an answer to any writing challenges. On one of our group writing retreats, you enjoy being in this lush Andalusian valley, and you get the benefit of spending time with other writers learning to create compelling characters and killer plots, and then you take time out in the beautiful sprawling gardens to spend a bit of quiet time to retreat into your own writing sphere. Our group writing retreats ensure you get the best of both private writing time and group learning.

Why Writers Choose A Group Writing Retreat

Why Writers Choose A Group Writing Retreat vary. Most writers feel they get the benefit of collaborative writing when they join a group writing retreat and get cracking with a certain aspect of their writing. Some group writing retreats are themed, such as our group writing retreat - 5 Days To Create A Compelling Character.

Whether the group writing retreat is themed or not, writers choose to join a writing retreat group for several reasons.

The Benefits Of A Group Writing Retreat
There are many benefits for writers considering taking a group writing retreat. Ultimately, writers at group writing retreats share an intense, far-reaching and often emotional experience. The bonding between writers on a group writing retreat often leads to lifelong writing friendships. Writers return home feeling invigorated, inspired and deeply connected to both themselves, their co-writers and to the writing retreat itself.