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What Is A Gardening Retreat
A gardening retreat is like a Work-Away working holiday where you work in your favourite pastime or dish out your expertise for half of your working holiday day and the other half of the day is spent doing what you want to do on holiday activities.
Residential Swimming Lessons In Andalusia
What would a holiday be without a refreshing dip in the water with your grandchildren? But what if you're frightened of the water or can't swim? Worse still, you've tried several times to learn to swim, but you hated having all the surrounding swimmers, splashing and shouting and making you even more nervous than you already are?
Private Holiday Swimming Lessons For Water Phobics
When you're taking your next holiday in Spain, in the beautiful province of Andalusia, maybe you'd like to finally take that dive to get over your phobia of being in the water. Being water phobic can be for various reasons. None of them need to hinder you from being able to enjoy the benefits of being in the water.
The Benefits Of A Group Writing Retreat
There are many benefits for writers considering taking a group writing retreat. Ultimately, writers at group writing retreats share an intense, far-reaching and often emotional experience. The bonding between writers on a group writing retreat often leads to lifelong writing friendships. Writers return home feeling invigorated, inspired and deeply connected to both themselves, their co-writers and to the writing retreat itself.
Five Days To Create A Compelling Character Virtual Writing Retreat
This is an intensive course over 5 days when each day the virtual writing retreat explores the different essential elements of creating fictional characters. You leave the virtual session to go and do your assignment which is related to the day's learning. You return the following day to share your vision for your character and continue with the next element of creating your character.
What You Do On A Gardening Working Holiday
What You Do On A Gardening Working Holiday depends on your experience, expertise and gardening capabilities. Our Writing Retreat has beautiful gardens with stunning views over a peaceful valley set in a private nature reserve. And, like all gardens, they need regular maintenance and upkeep.
One-To-One Learn To Swim European Holiday
One to one private swimming lessons for adults and older children set in a Spanish private nature reserve with the swimming pool all to yourself. With only you and the swimming instructor in the water, you will quickly gain water confidence and start learning to be more comfortable in water.
Learn To Swim Water Confidence Holiday In Spain
Have you considered getting over your fear of water and take control of your desire to enjoy paddling with your family on holidays in Spain? Taking a Learn To Swim Water Confidence Holiday could be your answer. Gaining water confidence is the first step to learning to swim. A Learn to Swim Holiday starts with gaining confidence being in the water.
Ten Techniques To Turning Pages - Virtual Writing Retreat
This Ten Techniques To Turning Pages Virtual Writing Retreat will explore the ten writing techniques that every writer needs to add to their first ten pages to keep readers, judges in a contest, such as Page Turner Awards, publishers and literary agents reading, so they want to know more about the character and how the story will unfold.