French Retreats

Rural retreats in France, holidays hideaways in French retreats include yoga, spa, detox, spiritual and healing retreats. Does this sound like your ideal retreat holiday? We are hunting down the best rural retreat destinations around France.

They include high quality French country cottage retreats for couples who need to find peace and seclusion in and around France or the South of France.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Health Retreat France

Le Relais de Roquefereau Healthy Holistic Retreat France

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Health Retreat, based in Le Relais de Roquefereau in France is a holistic health detox retreat. It takes a holistic yet energetic approach designed to totally relax you, heal you, teach you, and most of all leave you realising that life is really not all about rushing here there and everywhere!  Your time on this detox retreat will help you to just stop and yet grow. Your mind and body will be nurtured and renewed.