Escape To The Continent

Escape to the Continent is a series currently running on BBC showing couples from the UK who want to live abroad. Ken and Paula Sheridan featured on the show in March and several times on re-runs since then. Their Escape to the Continent TV appearance showed how they want to live a more relaxed lifestyle in the sun. Watch their journey here as they embark on their own escape to the continent.

Setting Up A Writing Retreat

Retreat to a sunny deckchair to spend time writing your breakout novel

As Ken and I went around Spain looking at properties with the Escape to the Continent team to film our journey to find a suitable location to set up our very own Writing Retreat, we spotted this lovely place. Each time we found a property that may have given our future writing guests a place to sit quietly in the sun or hideaway in the shade, it tickled our interest in setting up a retreat even more.