Wellbeing and Lifestyle Health Retreat France

Le Relais de Roquefereau Healthy Holistic Retreat France

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Health Retreat, based in Le Relais de Roquefereau in France is a holistic health detox retreat. It takes a holistic yet energetic approach designed to totally relax you, heal you, teach you, and most of all leave you realising that life is really not all about rushing here there and everywhere!  Your time on this detox retreat will help you to just stop and yet grow. Your mind and body will be nurtured and renewed. 

Each day starts with a Yoga/body conditioning/cardio class and ends with a beautiful countryside walk before the last nutritional intake of the day. The fitness output increases each day as your energy levels rise and your nutritional intake increases.  The retreat is designed to work with all types of people and will also give you the tools to continue what you have experienced when you return to your busy lives. 

This detox health retreat will teach you many things that are easy to incorporate into your usual lifestyle.  But above all, you will enjoy wonderfully natural surroundings that nurture us, reminding us that we can take better care of ourselves. Our team members are very positive, highly qualified, nurturing, and supportive and their role is to make sure you are happy at all times. 

Here’s what one can expect: Thai Yoga Massage with Reiki (one 60 minute session a week is included) Aromatherapy massage (one 60 minute session per week is included). Freshly made vegetable and fruit juices (daily), healthy nutrition, meditation, yoga, healthy discussion, liver cleansing, long sleeps, weight loss, toned bodies, energising workouts, silence and of course calmness that only comes with time away from your busy lives.


  • Double rooms with own bathroom or shared bathroom
  • The full use of the main house i.e. sitting room/day room/breakfast room
  • Swimming pool and lounge area
  • Wi-Fi


Le Relais de Roquefereau, 47140 Penne D’Agenais, France.


Dates available in 2014: 24th May – 31st May and 31st May – 7th June