Spanish Garden Welcome

decor for spanish welcoming garden doorway

During our trip to Spain with the Escape to the Continent production crew to film the new series for the BBC, Ken and I were Spanish decor spotting. Any lovely little ideas, of which there are already 100s, we captured on our phones to give us ideas and inspiration for when we set up our own future retreat in Spain.

We are aiming to give head-buzzing entrepreneurs the chance to escape to our retreat for privacy and seclusion. Writers too will be most welcome to come along and write to their heart's content in total tranquility with our peaceful mountain views. We also have some interesting ideas to make our treat unusual with some unique offerings. We want lots of secret little nooks and tranquil spots overlooking the stunning view we choose so our retreat guests can take advantage of the quiet solitude at Secret World Retreat. In a sense, they will find their own secret world at our future retreat. We'll tell you more about that when we find the ideal location for our Spanish retreat.

Sooo exciting!

We are very keen to make a beautiful garden with lots of private little spots so our guests can retreat for some private time in our tranquil settings. If you know any landscape gardeners who would like to advise us, please do get in touch. We can't wait to find the right property! Oh, that we can be granted buckets of patience ...

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