Paradise Wellness Retreats

Chef Skai Juice in Paradise Wellness

Cleanse the Palate, Release Waste and Toxins, Boost your Immune System, Embrace Beautiful on the Inside and out, and Receive the glorious SUNSHINE…!


All on our beautiful island of Puerto Rico!


Included is a global vegan high raw menu comprised of generally organic and local, seasonally grown menu of Salads, Smoothies, Juices, Coconut Water, and Kangen Alkaline Water!


Stay in a comfortable casita with Chef Skai Juice and family right in the heart of Luquillo, Puerto Rico a moment away from the beach!

Now is the time to be and feel healthy! Paradise Wellness offers a healthy vacation program that allows guests to rejuvenate, detox, rebuild, and cleanse!

Our program is designed to demonstrate to our guests a sensible health enriched lifestyle with a wellness program not only for your stay here but also at home; attainable and sustainable goals. We live this lifestyle and are confident that with commitment and diligence you will be able to follow them anywhere. Our philosophy is Eat right and Move your body…DAILY!

This is an amazing experience you can embrace into your own lifestyle. Chef Skai Juice serves simple vegan, high raw recipes, juices, coconut water, alkaline water, green smoothies, energy soups, and some pre-digested fermented foods. Our emphasis is on sharing the Paradise Wellness Lifestyle… simple, enzyme rich, high raw and vegan diet with daily physical activity.Book anytime!

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    Healthy Meals according to your goals

    Vegan, Raw Vegan, Green Smoothies, Juicing, Coconut Water Fasting

    3 meals per day…and snacks too!


    Single and Double Occupancy

    Shared Bathrooms

    Nutritional Coaching



    Beach within walking distance

    Rainforest Hike

    River Swim

    Healthy Evening Documentaries

    You can also customize your experience by adding: Massage Therapy, Fitness Training, More Intensive Rainforest Hiking, Horseback Riding, Afro-Boricua Heritage Tour, Nature Reserve Tour, Bio-Bay Kayaking, Day Sail, Trip to Vieques or Culebra, Retail Therapy in Old San Juan, Road trip to the Coamo Hot Springs



  • Our new facility affords the guest an intimate opportunity to stay in close proximity to the activities that we provide. We have a family-style casita, Casa del Sol, in the heart of Luquillo. Everyone in house shares two bathrooms between 5 bedrooms. Walking to the beach during the day or night is safe and takes only one minute to get to the first grain of sand. Our yoga classes are held on the beach as well. Chef Skai, her husband, True, who provides the tours, and their 5 year old son, Sun, also live here and work diligently to maintain a prisitine, comfortable experience for you. You should consider the idea that you are coming into a healing home where you are nurtured and supported with whatever journey you have anticipated taking.


Family-style casita, Casa del Sol


Luquilo Pueblo, Puerto Rico

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