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Manon Tromp Healing Retreat Glastonbury

Manon Tromp Healing Retreat Glastonbury

Are you still in connection with your true self, your inner desires and your life path? Maybe it feels like you have been lived instead of living and enjoying life, our society is not an easy one and can be quite distracting from what really is important. Maybe a Private Retreat with personal guidance by Life Coach Manon Tromp will be your ideal healing retreat.

Manon Tromp lives in a cottage in Glastonbury and offers private retreats where you can stay at the house, get personal coaching and she will take you to Sacred Places to do rituals and heart work.

Glastonbury is called the heart chakra of the world and by spending a few days here, you will discover that living from the heart is very realistic and once you decide to do that, the universe will support you and doors will open to a more fulfilled life. Manon has longtime experience as a life coach and guide and is happy to work with you.


  • Intake interview at arrival
  • Walking the Avalon Trail with rituals at the Tor and Chalice Well (morning)
  • Tarot coaching session of 45 minutes
  • Afternoon visit to Goddess Temple, The Abbey and Mary Magdalene Chapel


3 nights in a double room, self catering




About Manon: I call myself a Earth Priestess – my work is to connect people again with the earth and to bring her life energy back into their lives. We are part of this Earth, but we do forget because of the demands of modern society


Costs: £ 375 p.p. (second person will get 50 % discount)