Jnana/Gyana Yoga Retreat at Apokoros Club Hotel in Kalyves Crete Greece

Join us, for a Genuine Yoga Retreat in traditional and relaxing Kalyves Crete Island Greece, in our quirky Apokoros Club Hotel.
Our Teacher and Healer; Satchitananda, with 30 years of International teaching experience, in the fields of, Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy and Practice about Self-Realization and Healing will unveil your truth.
Jnana/Gyana Yoga / Advaita Vedanta Non Duality Teachings-Satsang.
Atma Vichara (Self Inquiry, Self Investigation),Enlightenment, Self Realization, Guided Meditations, Spiritual Dialogues, Initiations, Spiritual Healing
Unveiling You- The Self : Truth, Awareness, Consciousness, Bliss, Peace, Happiness, Love !

Contact us for details and prices at apokorosclub@yahoo.gr




Serene and intimate, The “APOKOROS” Club Hotel Craft Deco & Activities is a charming family hotel quietly situated on the hill Kasteli, and by the sandy beach. It's a five minute stroll into the centre of the Kalyves village and shops.


. Kalyves village is located in the greenest district of Crete. It is hewn among the White Mountains, Cretan Sea, Xidas River, vineyards and olive groves. All these create an oasis of tranquility amidst the energy of Kalyves Beach.


Prices for 5 days(3 hours per day) for 2 persons 530euros (includes 7 nights stay, 5 days yoga, welcome basket, yoga mats)