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Becky Adlington Swimming Retreat In Caribbean

Caribbean Swimming Retreat

Becky Adlington Swim Palm Island in Grenadines over in the Caribbean is an unusual retreat in that it focuses on Swimming.

Palm Island resort, the exclusive 135 acre private island resort in the Grenadines, has teamed up with double Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Becky Adlington to launch a swim workshop for guests to combine learning about the health and therapeutic benefits of sea swimming with holidaying in a stunning Caribbean paradise.

The free of charge workshop on Palm Island, which also recently launched a ‘Digital Detox’ programme to help guests to escape life’s stresses, will use the surrounding tranquil turquoise waters and resort pool, where Becky will share the multiple benefits of incorporating swimming into daily life at home by kick starting the swimming habit whilst on holiday – where warm seawater brings additional recorded wellbeing benefits. A year on from the excitement of London 2012, Becky will share insights in to her own incredible experience, as well as offer technical tips for experienced swimmers, quick advice for beginners and a wider view on the “beyond physical” benefits of swimming as a sport to incorporate into daily routines. The workshop runs from May 4-7 2013 - 3 hours per day

The workshop will cover the physical and emotional benefits of swimming, concluding with an optional open water challenge and one-to-one time with Rebecca for specific questions. Set over 4 days of 2-3 hours each morning during a 7 night stay, areas covered will include:

  • Technical tuition to maximise swimming’s benefits in the resort’s open air pool
  • “Land work” used by swimmers for fitness
  • Exercises to tap into swimming’s wellbeing and emotional benefits
  • Nutrition
  • Progressive markers to keep swimming challenging as fitness improves
  • Common technical errors to avoid
  • Olympian insider tips to improve performance or time for established swimmers
  • An optional open water swim challenge


  • 135 acre private island resort on the southern tip of the Grenadines
  • Accessible by short flight from Barbados to Union Island and an 8 minute boat ride to Palm Island
  • All inclusive stay - 2 restaurants and varied menus
  • biking, hiking, turtle watching, sailing and water sports available
  • Spa Wifi in lobby and library area


43 rooms, including beachfront bungalows and villas available


Palm Island in Grenadines, Caribbean


May 4-7 2014