Anxiety Recovery Retreats And Workshops

Anxiety Recovery Retreats And Workshops

If you're looking for an Anxiety Recovery Retreats or Anxiety Workshops to help you through life's bumps, the Anxiety Recovery Retreat held at The Elms Hotel And Spa in Worcestershire, UK specialises in overcoming anxiety may help you.

The Linden Method Anxiety Recovery Retreats are located in rural Worcestershire in the heart of England.  The four day retreats take place monthly and have been frequented by people from all over the world including celebrities, sports-people, musicians and actors.   The anxiety sufferer and their loved one can attend and will be guided through The Linden Method anxiety elimination programme.  They will gain the knowledge, understanding and tools required to make a complete recovery using The Linden Method.   Ongoing support is provided, should it be required, after departure, from their qualified Linden Method Specialists (all of whom are qualified Counsellors and BACP Members).  The Linden Method programme has been used by over 160,000 sufferers from across the world and is now recognised and recommended by Doctors and Pyschologists as an anxiety elimination treatment.  (NHS Choices now recommend The Linden Method app).  The venue for the Retreats is a beautiful country house hotel and spa with full spa facilities. The Retreats are run by BACP members and BPS registered psychological staff and the programs all fall within NICE's guidelines for supported self-help. Directors include Drs of Psychology and Medical Professionals.  

Whilst at The Retreat, the clients share a unique experience of being in the company of other sufferers.  This is not, however, group therapy.  By nature, anxiety sufferers have lost their way and  have exhausted all other options. The group sessions are led by Pyschologist, Jenny Brookes MA.  Additional guidance is given by their Coaches on posture, relaxation, diet and more.  Charles Linden, creator of The Linden Method, is also present at the Retreats to talk about his years with anxiety and to offer his fast track to recovery sessions to attending clients.  

Charles Linden, created The Linden Method in 1997 and having helped over 160,000 sufferers worldwide through his home learning programme and his residential Retreat,  is now a leading anxiety recovery specialist and life coach to media, TV, radio and celebs both here and abroad.  Charles is a TV presenter, author with Hay House Publishing and adviser to government organisations and corporations around the world and has appeared on international TV with his own TV series and on Gok Wan's programs as well as regularly on worldwide radio stations.


UK, Worcestershire


Dates available monthly for both Retreats and Workshops