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Secret World Lyrics By Peter Gabriel

If you've read Ken and Paula's story about setting up their secret world retreat, and you read the lyrics to Peter Gabriel's beautiful song, Secret World, you'll know just why we chose this song as the inspiration behind setting up our Secret World Retreat.

I stood in this sunsheltered place
'Til I could see the face behind the face
All that had gone before had left no trace

Setting Up A Writing Retreat

Retreat to a sunny deckchair to spend time writing your breakout novel

As Ken and I went around Spain looking at properties with the Escape to the Continent team to film our journey to find a suitable location to set up our very own Writing Retreat, we spotted this lovely place. Each time we found a property that may have given our future writing guests a place to sit quietly in the sun or hideaway in the shade, it tickled our interest in setting up a retreat even more.