About Secret World Retreats

Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne setting up secret world retreats

Ken and Paula Sheridan were featured on a BBC programme, Escape To The Continent, about people moving abroad for a lifestyle change. Read about our journey to set up our own Spanish Mountain Retreat.

Ken and Paula want to set up a retreat in Spain and currently looking for a property which the BBC programme will feature us doing while we continue to run our businesses showing that an online business is pretty easy to move abroad:

When we find the property and move, Secret World Retreat will follow our journey to set up our retreat. Until we do find our property and move we have found some wonderful retreats to bring you the best list of private and secluded and unusual retreats around the world.

We also have some exciting ideas on our own retreat - join our mailing list to find out more.

This is us in our home office, keep watching and our home office could soon be under a tree by the pool! How cool will that be!


Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne setting up secret world retreats

We decided to name our future retreat Secret World Retreat after the beautiful song by Peter Gabriel, which was our first dance at our wedding. We have loved this song for such a long time and when it came to deciding a first dance song it was easy. So when we thought about a name for our new future retreat, we  both looked at each other and said 'Secret World'.

We will be updating our story as we follow our quest to move abroad so keep watching our Escape to the Continent ...