How 2 Self-Publish Your Own Books

How 2 Self-Publish Your Own Books

Any author looking for a writing retreat to break away and finish writing their book may also be considering self-publishing their own books. If so you'll need to bone up on how to publish your book, discover how to publish your book as an eBook on Kindle, find publishing companies to work with or get quotes from Print On Demand (POD) publishing companies before you can even start thinking about marketing your self-published book.

How To Self-Publish A Book

When you are in the throws of writing your book or maybe you have alrady written your book and are looking around for advice on how to self-publish your book on Kindle or other eBook platforms, as well as a paperback, you'll be searching for advice on:

Other Self-Publishing Topics

We'll be featuring lots of advice and interesting articles on the following:

  • Self Publishing Books
  • Writing Advice
  • Self Publishing articles
  • How to self publish on Kindle
  • Amazon CreateSpace, Feed A Read and other free or low cost self publishing sites
  • Self Publishing Software
  • How to find an editor
  • How to set up a self publishing template
  • How to find/choose a book cover designer
  • How to start marketing your self published book
  • I've self published - what now?

And any other relevant topics that relate to learning how to self publish ...

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