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Escape To The Continent

Ken and Paula Sheridan hope to Escape To The Continent

Before and during our honeymoon, which had a profound change in our lifestyle plans, like many Brits, we asked ourselves whether a new life under Mediterranean skies would give us a better lifestyle.

As we had been talking about this for so many years and more importantly, because we run an online business giving home business entrepreneurs and freelancers the chance to set up their own free online shop, we knew we could easily transport ourselves and our business to sunnier climates.

So Ken and I made up a homework list, such as finding out about living abroad, the costs of moving (or escaping) to the continent, what life would be like in a continental country, setting up a business in Europe, what the costs would be to set up a retreat in Spain ... and on and on the homework list went.

One thing on my list was to find out about any BBC Shows or TV shows in general so we could apply in the hope we could get a jump-start to our plans to move abroad and escape to Europe.

This is where it gets interesting.

I googled a few TV shows and of course 'be on a show' on the BBC website and found Escape To The Continent.

We found that Boundless Productions, who have been producing the highly successful Escape To The Country for about 12 years were producing a new show called 'Escape to the Continent' and that BBC had commissioned the show.

Lucky for us - Escape To the Continent was looking for British couples "seeking a life change to test drive what an alternative life could look like in a new sunny climate".

The BBC application said: Escape to the Country, the UK's longest running relocation show, is expanding and we're looking for people who are thinking of embarking on a continental adventure.Whether it’s a Greek island, Spanish beach or an Italian hill town, the series will go in search of the perfect new home for those seeking to make a life away from Blighty.


Escape to the Country is looking for people to embark on a continental adventure.


We applied for Escape to the Continent to help us gain a first-hand insight into living abroad. They would be able to help us find competitively priced homes in hopefully some stunning locations, and show us various leisure opportunities as well as advise on property law, local taxation and healthcare. And there was the chance we could meet some good contacts that a show such as Escape To The Continent would have.

All good so far. What happened next stunned us ... follow the tag ' Escape To The Continent' to read our full story of how and why we want to set up Secret World Retreat.