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Escape to the Continent is a series currently running on BBC showing couples from the UK who want to live abroad. Ken and Paula Sheridan featured on the show in March and several times on re-runs since then. Their Escape to the Continent TV appearance showed how they want to live a more relaxed lifestyle in the sun. Watch their journey here as they embark on their own escape to the continent.

Rural retreats in France, holidays hideaways in French retreats include yoga, spa, detox, spiritual and healing retreats. Does this sound like your ideal retreat holiday? We are hunting down the best rural retreat destinations around France.

They include high quality French country cottage retreats for couples who need to find peace and seclusion in and around France or the South of France.

Are you looking for a Retreat to lose weight or detox? Maybe you want to start a new fitness regime and a yoga retreat may be best for you to get focused on your health. Whatever it is you need to do for your health, we hope to bring you a long list of health retreats, yoga retreats and secluded places to relax, detox, get fit and revive yourself.