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Are you looking for a Retreat to lose weight or detox? Maybe you want to start a new fitness regime and a yoga retreat may be best for you to get focused on your health. Whatever it is you need to do for your health, we hope to bring you a long list of health retreats, yoga retreats and secluded places to relax, detox, get fit and revive yourself.

If you are looking for an Unusual Retreat to get away and find a unique and unusual place to stay for your next holiday or a time-out break-away from the buzzing life around you, we will be listing a selection of wonderful places to retreat and recharge your life's batteries.

Country Village Retreats, Countryside Retreats, Unique Retreats, Child Friendly Retreats, Group Getaways Retreats, Corporate And Business Retreats, Historical Retreats, Disabled Access Retreats, Eco Retreats and Beach Retreats.

We're looking for a large selection of unusual places to stay - rural retreats, treehouses, unique hotels, glamping, rural retreats, lighthouses, railway carriages holidays, castles, cave hotels, art projects, interesting hostels, windmills, themed hotels, boat houses, illness retreats and more. Pop over to Submit Your Retreat now!

Every writer needs to take time out now and then to breakaway for some time alone to write. You may want to find a rural and isolated writing retreat or something where you can mingle with other writers to get inspiration from them. Or you could want to get your head down and be totally private to get that next novel written ...

At some point in every author or aspiring novelists writing journey they need to take time out of their busy lives to escape to a writing retreat. It could be to get some focused writing time on chapter completion, to finish a novel, start editing or revising their plot or even start planning a new novel. Even famous authors like Dan Brown and many others use writing retreats or private and secluded retreats of some kind to make use of dedicated time for their writing.

Every Find a list of writing retreats in the UK, EU and US along with online writing bootcamps and retreats for writers to escape so they can just simply ... write.

From old historical houses featuring yoga retreats to beach hideaways and European retreats, we want to bring you the most inspirational, and affordable yoga retreats. If you're looking for a healthy retreat to get away and get fit, find a selectionof yoga holiday travel retreats.

When you're next looking for the most romantic retreat to escape with your loved one to wine and dine in the sun or cuddle up beside a log fire, browse through our list below.

Cornwall is the ideal place to break away to a lovely Cornish Retreat. It could be beside the sea with a lovely view of the ocean or possibly a rural retreat hidden away in the Cornish rolling hillside. Take your pick.

Take a peek at the UK retreats and unusual places of interest to visit when you next need time out to recharge your batteries. Reviving the body and mind will be rewarding in our selection of retreats in the UK. This could be a writing retreat in the UK or a healthy yoga or fitness retreat to detox and lose weight or a unique place to get privacy and seclusion with your loved one.

Rural retreats in France, holidays hideaways in French retreats include yoga, spa, detox, spiritual and healing retreats. Does this sound like your ideal retreat holiday? We are hunting down the best rural retreat destinations around France.

They include high quality French country cottage retreats for couples who need to find peace and seclusion in and around France or the South of France.

Caribbean retreats can be found in Antigua, Barbados, Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominican Republic, Grenada and Grand Turk. They will be sunny, tropical escapes giving you the chance to really breakaway for a tranquil retreat if you decide to take up a retreat holiday in the Caribbean Islands.

If you are a fan of taking a peaceful and tranquil break to a selection of retreats, you'll know there's more to Beach Retreats than just a self-catering cottage in an amazing location. In our quest to find our own mountain retreat, we also love those cosy boutique luxury coastal retreat cottages where you can dig your toes in the sand, pick up pebbles and spend exploring the coastal cliffs.

Devon's lovely rolling hillside, fresh seaside walks and beautiful coastal views is the ideal place to visit a retreat.

In our quest to find the perfect Spanish mountain retreat, we want to bring you a selection of mountain retreats with stunning views.

Read about Ken and Paula Sheridan's (Paula Wynne) journey to find the ideal private and secluded retreat in Spain. Find out more about Ken and Paula and their journey abroad.

From mountain villages to renovated farms, orange groves and even a bull fighting property, Ken and Paula are looking for their perfect hideaway in rural Spain to escape and set up their own retreat.

Are you looking for a Spanish Detox Retreat holidays, a health retreat or maybe a holistic retreat to allow you to get away from every day stress or possibly a writing retreat in Spain for artists and writers to break away and escape to spend time writing?

Escape to the Continent is a series currently running on BBC showing couples from the UK who want to live abroad. Ken and Paula Sheridan featured on the show in March and several times on re-runs since then. Their Escape to the Continent TV appearance showed how they want to live a more relaxed lifestyle in the sun. Watch their journey here as they embark on their own escape to the continent.